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Posted on December 12, 2014

The Original Out-of-Print Store Since 1975 – 154 E Central Street Natick / Wellesley Line ( Directions )(508) 653-6921 Original Record prices have sored, since the recording industry re-focused its energies on vinyl records. All of these releases are sourced from digital masters, not the original analogue tapes, which no longer exist. As most techi’s will tell you converting back and forth just ruins the recordings. 180gram vinyl doesn’t improve the recording or make it sound better. Why not get an original for 1/10the cost! Not on E-Bay. Not on Disclogs but right here in your home town at your local record store Deja Vu Records in Natick. Our goal is to move inventory, as much as possible. Nothing has a price! Nothing is marked, Everything is negotiable! It’s an old world barter or negotiate for sale terms, WOW! All stock is sorted by genre but not alphabetically, so you need to do the work and know what you want.  The stock is always changing and would be impossible to sort in order or even by artist. If we did that, we’d have to charge the same price as the big stores. You do the work you get the discount. Nothing is sold on E-Bay, this means rare stuff is mixed in with the junk. Dig-iT! MAN!

Get yourself a Holiday Gift and Stop by this Saturday 12/20/14.

OK – IT”s game Time for all you VINYL GUYS – Eleni JUST BOUGHT  A PRIVATE COLLECTION  10,000 – jazz, classic rock 50, 60, 70′s

You’ll have to spend some time because everything is all mixed in, but if you LOVE VINYL thats not a problem.

1960′s Verve Mono’s and Columbia 6 EYE, Early atlantic classic rock, You GET THE PICTURE – GO NOW!!! BRING CASH

If you don’t buy now I will and I love to get a great deal – forget the web see  and listen before you spend a dollar. OVER 10,000 Movie Sound Track Titles JUST IN!!!!! CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s more CD’s JUST IN!!! HUGE COLLECTION OF JAZZ AND ROCK AND CLASSICAL FRESH !!! from the Attic – condition some NM others may vary 30,000 RECORDS JUST PURCHASED FOR THE HOLIDAYS buy now!!! We DO NOT SELL ON EBAY – why?                                                       

  • Unlike most used record stores who DO SELL on Ebay – YOU SEE EVERY THING WE HAVE – Not just what we can’t sell on Ebay.
  • We also believe that selling online depletes our stock.
  • You get to inspect your purchase BEFORE you buy.
  • We accept trades and get to know our customers and pay close attention to what they are interesting in.
  • RECORDS FIND YOU AT DEJA VU ! – Like any well stocked store you may chance upon a title – The Easter Egg.

MAKE SURE WE STAY AROUND AND HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY TO BUY LARGE COLLECTIONS FOR YOU Buy from us instead of online … it’s a lot more fun anyway and a good way to relax and kill an hour or two – big covers, great art work, readable liner notes. Come in and browse but we guarantee you will not be able to leave the store without buying something. THE MORE YOU BUY THE BETTER THE PRICE – where can you get a deal like that these days?     We buy used records and sell used records AND CDs at our record store. Rare Rock and Jazz at below Ebay prices many titles only $2. double albums for $5 in near mint condition! Print this page and receive an additional 10% off of your purchase of $5 or more. Print the coupon and get $5 off $25 or more. We are one of the largest used record stores in the area. No one has ever entered our store and left empty handed. LARGE DISCOUNTS FOR WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS AND VOLUME PURCHASES – DEALERS ARE WELCOME Our Hours are 11:00 – 7:00 Monday – Saturday ( call ahead to let us know your coming hours may vary) We get large collections through our store daily stock is constantly changing Vinyl is BACK read more get your copies now before you’re priced-out! True Vinyl Collectors and Dealers know this store and would rather keep it a secret so they can have their pick become a regular and build an awesome collection.