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The original out-of-print store since 1975
The only store of its type in the Boston area

In 1988 we opened our wholesale location in Natick, MA. and have been here ever since. Our customers are now, 70% wholesale and 30% retail. We buy from collectors, estates and individuals. We may sell 80% of our inventory in 1 week and buy 30,000 records the next week. Between shipments, stock will get picked through, so visit frequently and call first to check inventory. Because of the volume and turn-over we can't know every item we have or organize these collections or even price our stock. Customers are expected to take an hour or two, to dig through each shipment and we'll price them on the spot. The more you buy, the better the price
If you don't have the time please print a list of titles and we'll contact you when they become available.
Our prices are the best because we are a volume dealer. You spend the time ... you get the savings.
Your business is important to us, so if you are coming from a distance please call us first. Our hours are 11:00 - 6:00 Mon -Sat, sometimes Sundays. We are not always open during our posted hours. To keep our store stocked we may close for a few hours at anytime, while we buy more records.
Wholesale customers should know, we ship worldwide, mostly China lately.
We also sell CD's, DVD, and Books and some Stereo Equipment.

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