my visit to Deja Vu Records

It was buy two get one free at Newbury Comics ( N.C.) in Norwood the other day. Average prices were $7-$10 for mostly beat-up used records. I guess it’s ok to sell junk if you’re a big chain. Finding almost nothing worth $7, I left and visited Deja Vu Records in Natick about 15 minutes north on rt128. I found VG+ Condition for almost half of what N.C. was asking, and a lot more selection. A ton of great Jazz, which N.C. has almost none, classical audiophile recordings, again none to be had at N.C. I use to be a frequent flyer of Stereo Jacks in Cambridge, and still respect the inventory, but Deja Vu is my go-to store not just for price but for selection. All of the used record stores that are still around hock most of the good stuff online, so you get to pick from the crap.
If you’re a dealer you can make some money, if you’re a collector or just love music like me you’ll be back again and again.

Lets Keep Deja Vu around, go there, spend an hour & some money. Otherwise you’ll be at the mercy of E-Bay, Amazon and N.C.?.